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What I find interesting

What I find interesting is the following :

since the CIA just cannot possibly be ignorant of SUCH A HIGH ESTEEM of Mr. Ben NetIHateYou for the American government (and let alone ... the American PEOPLE)...

what does that tell us when SUCCESSIVE U.S. governments DO NOT treat an Israel nation governed by Mr. Ben NetIHateYou as ...

... A DOWNRIGHT NOW-DECLARED OPPRESSOR AND USER OF AMERICA, much like the colonies seceding from a tyrannic British crown, back in the days ?

How come the U.S. government and its "Intelligence Agency" is NOT outraged by such a deceptive attitude and hypocrite manipulation by a supposedly "friend" nation's government, after their knowledge gain, there ?

Hmmm ? What forced these U.S. governments to pledge a secret allegiance to this small country, so bully with its neighbors, thousands of miles away from the U.S. ?

Is the U.S. gov't so afraid of its small abuser overseas or what ?

Factually, it is difficult to not see Ben NetIHateYou's Israel pretty isolationist re: its direct, and some indirect neighbors...

They are indeed not in super exciting terms with many countries over there... Isolationists, they are, and don't seem to mind much about it... except for one thing :

... spending U.S. soldiers blood here and there will be always much welcome for Ben !

How come U.S. governments can accept that deal ... so easily ? What makes Israel such a bargain, to betray their oath and the American people so hard, so blindly ?

And I'm not wondering about just that lazy, ignorant, or complacent, and bought Congress...

Granted, it is rather UGLY, NASTY question to ask, right there.

Please forgive me, and


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