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Solving sovereignty?

"Are you telling me to write a separate book?"

I had considerable time to think about that question while I went on my work project, which was house showing for a special customer so my wife demanded my participation.

The concept of you or I writing a book, combining specialties, dividing labor, capitalizing on those POWERS, can work in this way, and why not?

Why would your book not be a better seller than my book? Look at our Marketing Test Results right here on this forum. Your topics gain much more currency than my topics.

I also thought that an idea cannot be handed from one person to another, since the idea has to be "owned" in some way by whoever ends up employing the idea.

I can no more control you, honestly, (not resorting to deception), than I can carry oxygen to your living cells, you own your circulatory system, you use it, you breath, your heart pumps, your blood flows.

If you write a separate book, you will learn much more, and be a much greater help to me, on this path, compared to you not writing a separate book, in my opinion.

Does that make sense?

"I think another reason cars were so poorly made was so that foreign "well-made" foreign cars would be more readily accepted."

The story of Elon Musk and his efforts to make American made Electric Cars, along with the efforts to expose Who Killed the Electric Car (movie), add to the pile of information supporting these obvious conclusions concerning nefarious "planning" and destructive actions.

"I don’t know if this is true or not."

I don't either. But the principle of duplicity is not that tough to understand. What happens when a person is traumatized, and in order to survive the living being creates a safe place by blocking out that trauma?

There is even more fundamental things to consider along the lines of a person creating a lie and then having to maintain that lie, anyone can go down this path, and where does this path lead, where does the false path lead?

What is created, over time, when each lie requires exponentially more lies to cover up the first one, and is that False Front not the makings of a duplicitous mind?

To me the best thing to do is to avoid all of it, know it exists, but avoid it, whenever possible, along the same lines of the Fraud Money Issue.

Like Henry Ford says, wake up having defeated the lie, and all that goes with it, and what happens in the morning is revolutionary.

How do you know if you are infected?

Is it a serious question, or is it frivolous nonsense?

If you are infected, then, naturally, you will be thinking that the question is frivolous nonsense.

If you are not infected you can, if you want, consider the question seriously, and then, after thinking about it, decide that it is frivolous nonsense.

What constitutes serious consideration of the question asked?

How do you know if you are infected?

I think help from an external source is an obvious conclusion found after serious consideration.