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I agree, and due to an accident of birth I tend towards two or more meanings with every communication. At times, this ambiguity can cause issues in relationships; I try hard to remove ambiguity from my communications while at the same time, I lean toward compressing them, to put as much meaning in as few words as possible.

The 12:01 refers to the movie by the same name, so yes, it's AM. :)

That's another dual meaning -- I considered carefully my screen name here. The movie is similar to Groundhog Day, except there's a scientific reason for the day repeating and he had to figure out how to make it stop (personally, I wouldn't have stopped on a day that I got shot, but that helped keep the movie short I suppose). Also, I was thinking about my awakening and the prospects of nuclear war, and 11:58 was immortalized in song by Iron Maiden ("Two Minutes to Midnight"), so I had the thought that I would arrive three minutes after that: midnight is nuclear war, so 12:01 would be starting to rebuild society afterwards.

I have been rebuilding my inner self while reading this site. It's pretty amazing. Again, thanks!

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