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Comment: Rand needs to educate himself on the Cannabis Hemp Plant

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Rand needs to educate himself on the Cannabis Hemp Plant

If he would have talked about how the Republicans are going to do everything in their power to educate all Americans in planting & utilizing the Hemp Plant for everything God intended us to use it for. A home grown source for the cleanest burning FUELS. A FOOD thats high in healthy fats and protein. FIBER thats second to none. and the MEDICINE that we get from the Oils of this plant is like no other..the cannabinoids that this plant produces CURE DISEASE...

Now if Rand was to have said this and this is what the Republicans were now pushing for..this plant and this plant alone will make either party the winner. But it aint going to happen unless those in the Spot Light speak the truth..if Obama had 1/2 a brain he would put out a STOP sign to his gangsters in the DEA..and change the ruling on Cannabis. There would be NO MORE ARRESTS for being in possesion of a NON TOXIC fact Hemp is going to be grown for our fuel here in America starting NOW. And as soon as he says this a shot rings out and Big Oil put a bullet in his head for opening the door to them losing TRILLIONS...sad but true.

The Light of Truth still needs to be shined on these Cockroaches..but all hells going to break lose with these Gangsters UNTIL we get a majority of the Americans educated on this plant. Not another plant on EARTH has been more demonised then the Cannabis Hemp Plant..PERIOD. Ive been preaching this for decades and NOW I see light at the end of the tunnel..and I hope that Rand and others in DC have seen the light and get this Gift from God GROWING!! EVERYWHERE FOR EVERYTHING!

Cannabis Hemp Oil CURES DISEASE