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Comment: What is with you Rand haters?

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What is with you Rand haters?

What is with you Rand haters? Sure he plays politics more than Ron ever would, but you act as if he wasnt raised by Ron, you act like he doesnt have the same ideals. I will agree that he is no Ron Paul, but just because of the fact that he plays the game to some degree is precisely why he will have a chance to win, he wont be blacked out, he is less likely to have major vote flipping, etc. Will he close all overseas bases once president? Probably not, but he will shut down most of them....he is more likely to start the ball rolling in a direction we want than someone who is never elected. Say what you want....but he was raised by Ron Paul and shares the same values...thats good enough for me, aside from his vote for sanctions on Iran, his record is clean...everyone makes mistakes.