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Comment: "We can't fight back if the

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"We can't fight back if the

"We can't fight back if the left keeps stacking the deck with new voters. Why is that so hard to understand?"

uh, yeah, it is kind of hard to understand the blatantly racist remarks because most of the white people that voted for plastic corporatist Ken doll Mitt Romney don't have any idea about what the Constitution means either. This is evidenced by their vote for someone who is just as much anti-Constitution as Obama is.

Also, the majority of people in this country, black/white/yellow/red/purple/etc, have no idea wtf the Constitution says or is even about. Constitutionalists make up a VERY small minority of the population and you don't help our cause in winning people over to it when perpetuating collectivist racist garbage like this.

You catch more flies with honey.....