Comment: Regarding guarantee or protection . . .

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Regarding guarantee or protection . . .

Just one opinion here, I would choose the word protection rather than guarantee. The term guarantee to me, implies a contract or legal obligation which can be argued, leagally debated, etc. But the word protection, implies, again, to me, a moral and more "natural" action based on relationships. For example, my husband protects me, his wife. This is a very strong meaning. People can guarantee something but in the end, it may or may not happen. Protection seems more base and all encompasing and personal.

Secondly, in current political usage, the word protection is being used for example, the president says his job is to "protect" the people. The police are supposed to "protect" us (maybe? theoretically?). If the constitution is also to protect us, it can be used rhetoriclly to catch someone in their own argument, depending on circumstances.

Two cents from the peanut gallery!