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Are you claiming your most potent weapon is the shift key?

Your defense is pretty pathetic man, it usually consists of being divisive and annoying with emotional outbursts on any thread involving Rand. With so many of us having been here for 5 years or so, I'm fairly unimpressed by your year of "service" to the cause.

The problem is that it's hard to not call you a troll, as you are in fact trolling. As best as I can tell, deliberately attempting to cause angst to an online community by being obtuse and annoying. Whenever you get called on anything, you immediately refer to Alinsky's rules, or Neocons, or some other sort of thing to distract from what's being said by way of trying to associate your detractor with some sort of enemy.

It's absurd, obvious, and annoying to all involved in the discussion.

Thanks for getting a new keyboard! We all appreciate it! Shift usage approved!

Eric Hoffer