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Comment: I know where this school is....

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I know where this school is....

Its in the southwest side of San Antonio. I'm surprised any parents had the fortitude to protest. This is a predoninantly low income hispanic neighborhood, which makes perfect sense. The school knows most of the parents are either too busy working or not educated enough to realize what an encroachment of their children's liberty this program is. I grew up in this type of neighborhood in Los Angeles, and I have a sister in law who lives one block away from this school. It is a rough area, with lots of gangbangers and junkies. I'm sure that when the parents heard that it was for their childrens safety they were pleased and never questioned the ridiculousness of this program. From personal experience I also know that hispanic officials can be some of the most corrupt around. This is where I grew up in L.A.

Someone sold these kids out. And they almost got away without a hitch. Except for one brave girl and her family.