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On writing a book,

this is what I want to know. Do you want me to write a book so I will leave you a lone and not bother you and take your time?

So far the only think I have followed thru on is the reading of Equitable Commerce...because it was a trade for your RP Primary Vote.

and reading Andrews work on marriage because it was a trade for your reading of the Gospel of John.

It seems that I need to make some kind of commitment to do what I would not otherwise do. Perhaps it is an equitable exchange I need to make me do things? The capitalist at work in me?

I did not read Speer, I did not read Science of Society, I did not read Sutton, I did not read any of the other books you linked to me. Oh, I did read Spooner on the Constitution and Banking, and I read someone else on banking too. So I guess I did a little without a bargain. I realize I am the one who will benefit from reading.

So, on writing a book, is it my words that you want, or is it your time freed up so that you can write that you want?