Comment: You can't lose with a rental

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You can't lose with a rental

You can't lose with a rental property as long as you can pay it off quickly.The whole purpose to saving money in silver and gold is to be able to buy a property cheap later on and then rent the properties for cash flow.I say save silver and gold first and then buy a property when the price of your metals can buy a house.In your case that is cheap for a house but how much can you get for rent?
It may not be worth it because you may have to spend alot more money repairing,maintaining and paying taxes on it.Plus the real estate market is going to continue it's slide down (there are millions of houses in the foreclosure shadow market that are not even being dumped on the market yet)so I would wait.If I were you I would just keep stacking metals,it's a much safer bet right now with all the turmoil coming.Also don't forget your food,water,personal protection and ammo.