Comment: I've brought this topic up before.

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I've brought this topic up before.

It's unfortunate that those guys are pretty much the gatekeepers to the GOP. I know, I was one of their minions until I found the truth. I still think we need to get in their and really be able to put a verbal smack down on them and whack them with some truth. Unfortunately it's almost impossible to get on those shows 1. 2 They screen the crap out of their calls if you can get past the call screener you have to do it with out lying if not you will get called and you will loose credibility. Number 3 these guys have the power to cut you off and then make their point after you've been kicked off the air so you have to really make a good case so that you don't sound like a retard and people actually think about your call and maybe decide to check some other sources after their done listening to their show.

Time and time again I've heard people that disagree with the host and let me tell you they pick the dumbest of the dumb to argue with. Therefore they always end up looking enlightened and smart and the caller looks like a poor buffoon. Don't be the poor buffoon, I hated it when they would purposefully pick Ron Paul callers up that spoke about the craziest things and weren't coherent and couldn't get a point out if anything it made our case worse at the time. I know those callers had good intentions but on those shows they did truly just sound like lunatics.

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