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Comment: Offer Alternatives and Address the Gaps

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Offer Alternatives and Address the Gaps

With the new healthcare laws beginning to be implemented, many anticipate a dramatic reduction in the quality and availability of health care. Using other countries with government controlled health care as an example, we can expect to see waiting lists for procedures, limitations of treatments based on government approved options, etc...

Help people avoid this insanity altogether. Get into some form of health and/or fitness instruction. My wife and I have been doing this for a few years now and it is very rewarding. Address the root cause of health issues and you can avoid letting the government get involved with managing the treatment of the symptoms. The best way to opt out is to not need it in the first place.

This also plays well with the emergency prep industry that is growing by leaps and bounds right now. One of the biggest gaps in the prep arsenal is their own fitness levels. A bug-out bag is not worth a whole hell of a lot if you can't carry that 40 pound pack more than a handful of miles before you have to stop. A strong, healthy body with a foundation of good eating and exercise habits does nothing but improve survive-ability in any adverse situation.

Don't necessarily need to be the expert in this stuff. Put together the facility and bring the experts on board. Self defense offerings fit well in here as well.

Build yourself a community around it, not a commodity.

Lots of ways to do it, here are a couple of ours: