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Knowing better now.

Who is at the drivers wheel when people have be infected well enough to the point of thinking in terms of this:

The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.


Who among the people you know can now see clearly enough to know that all we have to do, collectively, voluntarily, on a day on the calender of our choosing, is to wake up on that morning and be set to NEVER use FRAUD money again, and in that peaceful, voluntary, act, as one, the world returns to a moral one, instead of one driven by sociopaths, psychopaths, that are criminals who stole government and turned government into crime made legal?

Why, once you know, do other people refuse to know, and does that not constitute, in itself, a disease of the mind, and infection, and the infection can be called any name, including the accurate name, which I think is Pathology?

Each individual has to find it in themselves to seek external help, and to me that proves the validity of religion, even for people who may never believe in the accuracy of specific religions.

"Where there is a will there is a way."

Speaking about the actual physical measure of accurate money, there is no way to counterfeit electricity, it is what it is, and it does what it does, and the capacity to measure it is already indisputably accurate.

A Kilowatt/hour is exactly that, and it can be converted to a measure of Energy storage too, such as a Calorie or Joule, or a force such as Newtons.

A suspicious customer would have their own Banking Meter, like the electric meter on the side of your house, to keep the Bankers honest.

I can explain all that in the Product 1 and Product 2 dialogue.

"Where there is a will there is a way."

All that evil needs to win is for honest people to be infected with lies.

"Do more than what is asked of you. Equitable?"

If there must be error, then error on the charitable side?

Note how, again, scripture can be meaningfully understood or it can be willfully employed as deception: so as to accomplish two things at once:

Disarm the victims
Remove the capacity of the victims to arm themselves

If the victims are fooled into believing that the scripture makes no sense, then they can be fooled into playing the Might makes Right game, and the stealing from thieves is "business as usual".

A thief who is capable enough to get away with Robin Hood type stealing is capable enough to avoid the whole mess, by moving to America?

Once in America the runaway slaves learn to cooperate with each other, instead of being at each other throat's, and not until the legal criminal element returns (Hamilton and their Central Banking) the POWER of cooperation, The Golden Rule, almost reaches a level of power that the Legal Criminals can no longer contain.

That is the battle that faces us now.

"Do more than what is asked of you. Equitable?"

From any angle you choose the nature of human existence is a power struggle that requires the human species to cooperate among the individual examples, without that power our life form can't be measured as being more powerful than ants.

Ant cooperation is not a choice, so the English word "cooperation" does not fit the context of which I speak, in reference to the subject matter that we too are working cooperatively at understanding.

What happens when a rat society is moved from a state of abundance into a state of scarcity by nature? The natural response for rats, having no moral choices, is to eat each other, and that reduces the number of rats down to a sustainable level.

People have that power of moral choice.

You said it:

"Do more than what is asked of you. Equitable?"

You are describing independent creative thought POWER.

Is that significant?

One of the rats can't say, hey, ahhhhhhh, instead of killing each other off, because we are told to do so, how about investing in things that make our power abundant instead?

Which of the other rats would listen?

When Patrick Henry was said to have smelled a rat, do you think, maybe, he smelled a Central Banker rat, or a nest of them, hiding behind the false front of Federalism?

"What makes a person want to do something wrong? Because they can?"

Lies. I think at the base is lies. Lies are invented, they are not true, they are told, they are then believed, the liar may end up being victim to the lie the liar invented (duplicity), who knows, but in every case of crime, there are options that do not include crime, and which path ends up being the better path in time?

How many times does a person have to make the mistake of "providing the means by which we suffer" before the lie of it is no longer powerful enough to inspire the least provision in that criminal way?

If you had said, hey, look at how these pennies are not accurately accounted for in this system of selling Dairy Queen, then you could have worked to improve the quality and lowed the cost, and then observed what the Boss does with the information you discovered. What if the Boss then started stealing, or what if the Boss already as stealing that way, and you were fired so as to shut you up?

You don't know, because your inventive mind was experimenting and then your trial and error was measured by you as nothing but error, when you could have done something better - knowing better - perhaps.

I don't know, but blaming yourself for minor things while a very few people cause World Wars for fun and profit, to maintain their Legal Money Monopoly Power, is to me like regretting a hang nail that bothered you a month ago, while you just cut your arm off in the wood chipper.

Sins, yes, we sin, and would it be cool if we didn't, and here again your scripture shines brightly with a viable, competitive, POWERFUL, understanding on that point too.

We all sin.

Now what?