Comment: I hear you. We all have our flaws

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I hear you. We all have our flaws

I hear you.

We all have our flaws. And I have big ones, sometimes.

E.g., with some french who complains to me, TODAY, about the mess they are in and voting for a socialist crook yet again, my flawed attitude replies :

"What was I ranting AGAINST, 20 years ago ALREADY, again ? You get what you 'pay' for. And you didn't bother to pay much attention to that at the time. So, you guys enjoy what you're getting now. I'm out of it, mind you."

I know that's somehow spiteful, but guess what : I don't even feel guilty to be harsh. Ignorance is excusable. Up to some point. But people who CHOOSE to remain clueless cannot have me to feel sorry for them.

As you pointed out, precisely :

we are adults, aren't we ?

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