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Why use religion as excuse for war?

Actually it is NOT true that "...Hamas has picked a fight with Israel.."

The US just helped Egypt turn over control to the Muslim Brotherhood with this Arab Spring nonsense!! (CIA-manufactured OWS movement)

But here is the real kicker...... caught on video..

Netanyahu admits on video that Israel is the aggressor/oppressor in Gaza but that dumb Americans (80%) will still support him and claim Israel is 'defending' themselves. It's because dumb Americans can't separate Zionism (which is what has the gov't turning on us in the tea party by the way, and why the GOP banishes real conservatives from the party) from Judaism. Glenn Beck is a moron when he promotes it as the same - Zionism is not religion-based... nothing to do with it and our GOP has their head stuck up Zionist butts as well. (around :30 he says it, with subtitles)

Nice eh? (Watch it before it's taken down)

From what I have seen Gazans live in a concentration camp-like situation where they are not even allowed to walk the streets freely.

When are people going to wake up and realize that Zionism (which is NOT Judaism) is running our country for the worse? They ran Romney and did some really nasty things to anyone who even spoke out against his war policies. (That's another story -- Michael Schueur is still feeling the hurt from Romney's controllers for speaking out in favor of non-interventionism)

Note that I am NOT supporting 'terrorists' who are the creation of the governments on both sides, I am saying it's time we stop funding BOTH sides and get the hell out of this middle east mess. The result is we depose duly elected presidents and replace them with the Muslim Brotherhood and other socialist radicals such as in Egypt and currently in Syria where we are actually employing Al Qaeda. We are not sending our boys to die fighting for our freedom, but to spread the elites NEW WORLD ORDER, ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT thanks to these operatives.

REAL JEWS do not support zionism either and were seen protesting in the streets burning their own flag. The whole world is sick of what the USA, Israel and the UN is doing.

Remember, Zionism is NOT anti-Semitic and has nothing to do with Judaism! (Semitic refers to all peoples of that region, not just Jews... not al Jews are semitic, some are of German or Swiss or even French heritage...)

So bottom line is, we should not take sides in these 'wars' and we certainly should not use religion as an excuse to support one country's annihilation of another!

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