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Lead the way.

"Do you want me to write a book so I will leave you a lone and not bother you and take your time?"

If you accept the challenge of writing your own book, which I challenge you to do, if you want to look at it that way, then consider sharing your progress, and as equitably as I can, I may be able to serve as editing help of some kind.

"Perhaps it is an equitable exchange I need to make me do things? The capitalist at work in me?"

Capitalism can be a natural observation of how people act naturally, and if it proves to be useful to honest people, then criminals may want to counterfeit it, to turn it up-side-down. In this case there is a goal that can be reached where there are 2 books, one you write, and one I write, and we may be able to cooperate in reaching those two goals, or not, I don't know. It looks more possible now than ever, so where is your Introduction?

Do you need a forum to post the progress of your book?

I have a forum, it is as free for you to use as is this one.

If you sell or give away the book do you invest in any other possible return on that investment?

Let me know if you have any ideas for a possible book title, along those lines, of accomplishing a goal.

My goal is to say hey, look, all we need to do is stop providing the means by which we suffer by this day and then move on in the pursuit of happiness without providing the means by which we suffer. Hey, ahhhhh, what is wrong with that, do you like suffering?

If no one reads the book, well, like running for congress, I suppose suffering is in demand for a while longer.

"So, on writing a book, is it my words that you want, or is it your time freed up so that you can write that you want?"

One of many possible paths, if you or I have time, is a book, or two, a challenge. Sometimes breathing can be a challenge: I will be visiting my mother today.