Comment: This Sounds good in Theory, but

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This Sounds good in Theory, but

these guys are well schooled for this game, and just shut you off and convince the brainwashed GOP voter you are a clueless pacifist. I believe we need to get behind a talk show host, maybe Jerry Doyle, and push him to talk the anti-war message, and with enough support he can push them to the top where more will tune into their message. I believe if we all talk and confront those we come across on the streets and sell them the on the foolishness of war against a minority tactic, called terrorism, killing more civilians than those considered terrorists, only makes more enenemies, rather than eliminating them. I also, believe we need to break through the exclusions of the Judaics from being a large part of the dilemmas we face. I believe we need to stop using the word 'Jew', as it is a created word misused as a race of people, when by definition it means: those who originated from the geographical region of Judea. In all documented history, Judea was never exclusively Israelite/Hebrew, so the term 'Jew' is not an accurate name. The accurate name would be 'Judaic', as they are followers of Judaism, whether religously or only culturally. In other words, they are tied by religion/culture, like Christian, Muslims, Hindu, Budhists, ect and thus not a race. By the points I'm making, in by no means I'm stating that all Judaics are evil or we should do them harm, but I believe we need to break through the false pretenses created, that has allowed those who are evil and doing the world harm, to hide behind the anti-racist term calling us anti-Semites, and averting their wrongs. In my opinion, Zionism is right up there with the Fed, in the major factions leading to our nations destruction, and the facts are both were strongly backed by the Rothschild influence to dominate the world. All need to learn what the true meaning of Judaism really means, to trully understand why I have made my aforementioned statements. Please watch and learn: