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Comment: Lost in Space Miners: Precious Metal & Mineral" - Help Wanted.

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Lost in Space Miners: Precious Metal & Mineral" - Help Wanted.

Asteroid Miners: Precious Metal & Mineral" - Help Wanted.
Submitted by Mark Twain on Wed, 10/10/2012

April 25, 2012. Help Wanted, Classified Ad Section:

Job description & working environment: Planetary Resources, the new space venture backed by Google ™ and Microsoft ™ founders that's planning to mine near-Earth asteroids, has begun advertising for 'asteroid miners'. The new company revealed details of its first exploratory missions to mine ice deposits as well as precious metals and minerals. The ice water could support life, or be split into oxygen and liquid hydrogen to make breathable air and rocket propellant, the firm says. Planetary Resources cofounder Eric Anderson - the founder of the civilian spaceflight firm Space Adventures - said In a 24 April press conference in Seattle, that the first objective is to launch an unspecified number of cheap "Leo" satellite space telescopes into low Earth orbit to identify potentially resource-rich near-Earth asteroids. Anderson said he also expects to rent out viewing time on the telescopes to astronomers.

There are over 1,500 asteroids that are as easy to get to as the surface of the Moon. They are also in Earth-like orbits with small gravity fields, making them easier to approach and depart. Asteroid resources have some unique characteristics that make them especially attractive. Unlike Earth, where heavier metals are close to the core, metals in asteroids are distributed throughout their body, making them easier to extract.

Planetary Resources is an equal opportunity employer.

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