Comment: Modern Day Multi-Family Castles

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Modern Day Multi-Family Castles

Anyone remember the story about the guy selling underground bunkers in the Mojave Desert for a lot of money and he was selling out of them?

Well, I don't think we will have to deal with Nuclear Winter here in America. I believe that rampant lawlessness will be the future. At some point, I think cops will stop showing up to work and the military won't be there either once FRNs become worthless. Once that happens, you will have to defend yourself and your stash of food against those lawless types.

I'm in the process of buying some rural land. With great fantasy, I started to think about how defensible a castle could be in modern day if it was built with modern techniques like reinforced concrete. I searched the internet and came up with this: Now, what is interesting about this is the plan called for insulated concrete form construction (ICF) at 12" thick. That's thick enough to withstand 70mm anti-tank rounds, more than what the typical roving gang would have in their arsenal. The floorplan was also nearly 7,000 square feet. That's way too much for my family, but I suppose it's just about right for the more affluent of our society. The notable feature is the lack of first floor windows, except on the rear and to the courtyard. You could create a rear yard space with high walls to reduce chances of a breach from the rear and I would eliminate the one garage door to the outside and go with a flat roof with parapet walls all the way around.

Now, on a trip up to Utah from here in Vegas, I was talking with my brother-in-law, who has a survivalist bent to him as well. We were talking about going halves on the land so we can do mutual preparedness and defend each others' family in a lawless scenario. We both agree that the future might be more about rampant lawlessness than about surviving a nuclear blast. So, we agreed our two families should protect each other there. That's good because we just doubled our numbers with that agreement. We talked more about this. In a bug out situation, you grab your gear and head for the hills and defend your bug out land against whatever comes your way. What if a biker gang with 100 members comes with plans to ransack your food stash and whatever resources you have. If you're lucky, you have 6 people that are trained on weapons and have enough ammunition to hold out for a bit. The reason you hear of the occasional story about small groups repelling large forces is because it so seldom happens, that those events are considered significant. More than likely, you will either have to abandon your place in a hurry or you will probably fail to hold off the larger forces. That said, what if multiple families had a vested interest in holding the same land? If 25 families owned the same land, that's a tremendous amount of defense.

This is where the idea comes into play. A general contractor could develop a castle similar to the one in the link. The main difference is that the individual living quarters are relatively small, under 1000' square. Common facilities could be a small infirmary, galley kitchen and dining, armory, pub, seed room/plant nursery, etc. If you built this to support 25 families, you can have a defensive force of 25 to 100+ people. If you sold each individual living quarter for $100,000 to 25 families, that's $2.5 million to build the castle and develop a sustainable farm, etc. A small semi-annual maintenance fee would cover keeping the place operational between now and whenever the time to bug-out occurs. If someone wanted to do this near Las Vegas, I could be the real estate agent to put the units on the market.