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Suggested Changes to Petition


In your petition you ask for a non-biased format, then you immediately state your bias for Ron Paul. I offer the following suggestion to reword the petition that I believe makes it much stronger and to the point without the confusing bias. One major advantage of this approach is that it will garner support (ie more signatures) from supporters of the other marginalized candidates, such as Huckabee, Tancredo, etc., in addition to those that simply want a fairer debate:

"To: ABC News
The corporate media bias at CNN's June 5th debate in New Hampshire was clear. Some of the candidates were marginalized not only physically - by being pushed to the far ends of the stage - but, also in terms of their limited speaking time, while others, namely the anointed "big three" were encouraged to dominate the stage and the alocated time in the debate.

We the undersigned believe there is no place for such bias in a presidential debate. We urge ABC news to give equal time to all candidates, and allow each candidate to answer all questions at the Iowa Republican Presidential Forum on August 5, 2007.


The Undersigned"