Comment: I buy silver when I have money, the price is irrelevant.

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I buy silver when I have money, the price is irrelevant.

That price is in fiat dollars that I know to be mere pieces of paper. Silver is something I can use as currency that anyone from any where will recognize as having "value." How they describe that value is a matter of their culture and what they need the silver for.
If they merely want a shiny trinket to put on a loved one's finger, it will not be worth a whole lot - about the same as perhaps a dozen roses or nice dinner out.
If they want colloidal silver to save the life of a loved one, perhaps it would be worth everything they owned.
If they wish to use it to craft weapons of war, it is worth manipulating markets, controlling the media. selling "paper" silver to cover their crimes.... If silver is worth so much evil to them, it is worth any number of FRNs I can pull together to keep silver OUT of their hands. I am not sure why they really want silver, but I am sure they want silver more than almost any other thing on this planet. If they want it that badly, I want it worse - even if all I do with it is put a shiny trinket on my finger.

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