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story time

the fed gov with help from a few 3-4 lettered agencies
haul pot it
they sell it to their friends(who never get busted)
these friends sell it to others(trickle down)
the ones on the bottom(as there are so many)
are the ones who go to jail
the police make a fortune through(forfeiture of assets,this enables them to create even more criminals
in court the judge sentences the criminals(remember there are thousands upon thousands)the judge gets a kickback for all court costs/fines,this goes into his retirement accounts(untaxed of course)
these same judges own a percentage of the prison complex(incentive
to find guilty)
these prisoners work for chump change working for the prison,while the owners rake in more even more money(through taxes/subsidies) and the labor of the inmates
in some states they have 3 strikes you are out,this creates a revolving door for the inmates and the prison complex
they know where they live,they always keep tabs on their prize
and seeing pot is an easy bust,it is an easy money maker
now some of the inmates get used in medical procedures(untold to them)this generates even more money as they are paid for the use of their inmates
some inmates create such things as missiles for the MIC,this gives the prison complex more cash,

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence