Comment: I went thru several milestones.

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I went thru several milestones.

I went thru several milestones.

First, I've known, after study, and for 20+ years now, that the push for collectivism, either local or global is probably the most horrendous lie and insult to man's intelligence ever made. Putting entire peoples' lives into the spreadsheet equations of a handful planners. Like men can ever be angels and as uninterested. Yeah, right.

Then, I learnt a bit more from time to time about the formidable, unpredictable economic forces of free-markets, including the black ones - black markets, yes, when an oppressing, PARASITIC, SWEAT SUCKING STATE attempts to subject and steal from everybody.

Then I heard about Ron Paul, his stand, and on the positive side Austrian economics, the influential thinking of the physiocrats, vs. the negative side of the Federal Reserve Act, and the Jekyll Island meeting prior to that, which was THE EVIL PLAN of 1910 that Ayn Rand recognized and denounced early.

Then I did further self-teaching homework on how the big picture of seeing gold and silver as real money for millenniums in all countries and nations now translates against the negative consequences of a global fiat money scheme cruelly shoved down the entire world's peoples throats.

And I found this striking and factual evidence of how SCARCE and yet tremendously useful for our industrial and technological age silver had become.

I really don't care about how silver will convert in USD in 5 years.

I really don't care if it's $100 or $500 or $5000 or more.

I really don't care if the USD even still exists by then.

What I care is watching and detecting the signs, clues, hints, about the kickstart of the unavoidable PARADIGM SHIFT that is looming on the horizon only because the laws of Demand-Supply cannot but ...

... eventually RE-IMPOSE themselves. Soon or late.

What I care is about the amount of it I'll have stashed for now I know better THE TRUE EXTENT of the millenniums-old Demand-Supply laws that govern the PURCHASING POWER of REAL MONEY.


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