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That's what we figure.

We are still gardening, but we are preparing to live in a series of biodomes. If SHTF, we are literally covered. If things go well, I am still feeding myself and family.
The thing with AP (and food forests) is that you make a little business of it, and if the time comes that the people are having trouble getting food, you can help them get started on their own and you CAN do it for free. Once you have breeding fish and plants (heirloom!) going to seed, you can feed a nation.

We have found that we can not sell fish in Idaho, so we give them away. I have tried to start 7 businesses now, been shut down by nonsense like that every time. (To train people to do what I did for 20 years, including being a national trainer in my field, I would have to carry medical malpractice insurance. I would never touch a patient, never even SEE a patient. I wanted to train the staff- nope. How about non-denominational weddings - extreme venues. I offered whitewater weddings, skiing weddings, sailing weddings - until I found out that Idaho does not recognize internet officiants and anyone I married could just annul it by saying I was not legitimate clergy. Stuff like that.)

At any rate, we are more concerned with making sure we can feed ourselves and help our community. I do not think we will ever be allowed to get ahead financially. My husband is an RN. Remember all that fuss about the nursing shortage? He has to work like a dog for peanuts, and every time we are about to catch up, the IRS comes calling. Did you know they can just decide you owe more taxes, and if you ask them to show you the documentation they immediately begin threatening you? I did not know. Silly me said "Can I see what you recalculated?" Got myself reamed a new orifice by that "public servant" and got zinged again the next year. We are to the point where we wish to figure out how little we can survive on, and try to make so little money that we are not taxable. Like that? Planned poverty is the only hope we have.

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