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Comment: Haha you caught my "i did build that"

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Haha you caught my "i did build that"

Technically your right, but in both ways Obama is in the wrong, if we look at it as we cant start up without government assistance then obama is wrong, and if our actions are due to the butterfly effect of millions then both me and Obama are wrong, either way Obama has no idea wth he is talking about.

Consider though that without my willingness to create there would be no icecream in this town. Hence, no matter how much work others did to the roads or writing laws, taxation and implementation, farmers milking cows and making cream or the butter, no mark would have been made without my willingness and resources to purchase the byproduct of others production value to distribute the end result.

That's not to say others can't do what I did, I hope they do, competition is healthy are required in a free market, competition creates productivity. Those competing must always strive to be better than the other. End result is lower prices, higher quality, cleaner atmosphere. In a healthy society you shouldnt need regulations, regulations = businesses doing the very least to comply, competition = businesses do the very best to survive.