Comment: Let us keep our understanding and patience, resilience

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Let us keep our understanding and patience, resilience

Of course, some public servants are just simple, honest people trying to make a decent living for themselves and their families.

But knowing all too well how BIG STATE evolves in quality and morality, yes, I can confirm you can expect always more encouragement for entitlements, privileges, and protectionism surrounding them.

This is really a vicious circle.

More state, statism, and socialism, will bring more misery with a shrinking private sector - the last shelter for honest, self reliant, productive, compassionate people.

Those public servants who could be willing to opt out of a corrupt state have families, too : where will they go with an ever more struggling private sector ?

It is going to be harsh, my fellow Americans.

Always more selfishness, corruption, injustice - that is all big, authoritarian state can bring, with a handful fascist cronies at the very top.

Today, our best weapon remains education ...

let us do our best what we can : talk to teachers, cops, lawmen.

If only relatives and friends, if nobody else.

And make the military oath keepers be alike members of your own family, when them guys need.

I'm telling you, I know I will.

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