Comment: I may be alone on this; I often am

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I may be alone on this; I often am

When Rand endorsed Romney on Hannity (no less), Ron Paul's campaign had reached plurality.. and MSM was not saying. Supporters were tapped.. moneybombs were failing. For all those folled stadium, and for whatever reason, Ron Paul was not translating into primany wins. There was a delegate statigy in the works, and it was becomming obvious, delegates were so busy fighting the GOP, the GOP was setting Ron Paul folks up to take them down, and one of the ways they were doing that was through loyalty oaths.

The loyalty oaths were a big WTF, because many of us, especially those like me who had been Independents before joining the GOP to become delegates, were very inspired by Ron Paul who didn't walk or talk like he signed a loyalty oath.. but we were, and we were handed GOP by-laws, platform, resolutions, inniatives and expected to know them.. plus all the stiff were we going through in each state and county..

When Rand endorsed Romney.. that's when I woke up to my own loyalty oath.. and simular to Rand, Iexplained why I would vote for Romney IF Ron Paul failed to get the nomination.

So for me.. there are those in the GOP and working within the system, and there are those who are not. When those who are not, refuse to even try to understand what we are going through.. I think it's very interesting that many of us who were affected are still fighting.. My GOP is taking a break.. but Ron Paul RepubliCANs are not, and Rand is who we are preparing to vet.

To me, a fool, or being foolish is not learning from one's mistakes. Ron Paul rEVOLution is a huge learning curve that you have to practice to grow. When I first came into this, I never thought I would be a Republican, least of all an establisghed one.. and I didn't agree with Ron Paul as much as I do now.. so change is enivitable and hopefully we do that by learning.

Now this Crocker charactor.. seems you have 4 years to work on him?