Comment: The Fed: Loaning you blind, since 1913.

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The Fed: Loaning you blind, since 1913.

Federal Reserve Exposed:
Speeches. - Louis T. McFadden, US Congressman

... Do we dare to admit that everything which has happened to America since the Whiskey Rebellion has been the result of foreign' influences, of alien conspiracies carried out through fetid and subterranean corridors of power, the work of the government that dares not speak its name. The Civil War, World War I, the Great Depression, World War II, these were events which were not desired by the American people, they were not planned by the American people, they were not voluntarily entered into by the American people. But all of these events were the result of the planning of men who have no addresses, no fixed homes, no substantial loyalties save only to their own 'criminal interests. These are men who in healthier times were sent to the gibbet, but today we make them presidents of our banks and universities, and we watch appalled at the chaos and destruction which ensues from their every act.

Let us remember that for ten years, Congressman McFadden had been Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee. While exercising the duties of this position he exposed some of the greatest crimes of the century, including his stinging indictment of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System in which he charged them "with having treasonably conspired to destroy constitutional government in the United States." Because of these exposures, Louis T. McFadden had un-, leashed' the full power of the international criminals against him. When he made these speeches, he was alone. He had nothing to look forward to save his own political demise. The power and pelf of his enemies was brought to bear and the political life of this great servant of the people was terminated in the November 1934 elections held in the 15th Congressional District of Pennsylvania.

Thus these speeches are the personal signature of a great man, a hero fighting to the death, surrounded but never thinking of surrender, the final gesture of a man we should all honor and emulate, an American worthy of the name.

-- Louis T. McFadden, US Congressman

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