Comment: One needs to understand once for all what the U.N. REALLY are

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One needs to understand once for all what the U.N. REALLY are

One needs to understand once for all what the U.N. REALLY are, as far as "morality" or "justice" are concerned.

Enjoy your reading :

By "Women Under Siege"

"[...]Save the Children found evidence that UN peacekeepers had raped young girls in the Ivory Coast, southern Sudan, and Haiti. Cornell constitutional law scholar Muna Ndulo recounted cases of UN peacekeepers fathering and subsequently abandoning children at the end of their deployment. Ndulo quotes staggering numbers in his report: that UN peacekeepers have fathered an estimated 24,500 babies in Cambodia and 6,600 in Liberia.

In addition to supporting prostitution and raping women during wartime, UN peacekeepers have been accused of standing by when sexualized violence is used as a war tactic by combatants. In 2010, UN Assistant Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Atul Khare reported to the UN Security Council that UN Peacekeeping had “failed” to protect women and children from rapes in eastern DRC. Approximately 300 rapes had been reported in a village near the UN Peacekeeper’s camp in just a four-day period.[...]"

By the U.N. News Centre

"12 June 2003 – The United Nations Security Council today approved a 12-month extension of immunity that effectively shields UN peacekeepers from potential prosecution by the world's first permanent war crimes tribunal."

Immunities cancelled, in 2004, then re-established, and now being "rediscussed" :


So, yeah...

Thousands of new pages written every year, by these BLOOD AND SWEAT SUCKERS, of condoned corruption schemes and other suggested loopholes towards ALWAYS MANY MORE CRIMES, committed all over the place ...

Such a DISGUSTING and cynical infamy compared to the millenniums-old Golden Rule which fits IN ONE LINE of text, or the Bill of Rights, which fits IN ONE PAGE.



And we expect the U.N. to have anything legitimate to say to the "free" people of a "sovereign country", about "drugs" ?



Why do I feel it's like looking at a serial rapist and killer roving in your neighborhood and lessoning your folks about how they can get healthier ?


Is it just me ?


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