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I read until number 4

thats all I needed to read. I tried to double check what I read but seems the story has been pulled.

I should be welcome in the GOP I voted Republican for the last 40 years and most likely will continue. I could not vote for Romney though. Obama stole my vote in 2010 when he started Obamacare. I started to buy silver as a hedge against the dollar and that introduced a hard core Republican neocon like myself to RON PAUL. I got real answers to questions I had for years.

I am someone that has been changed for life by the 2012 Ron Paul movement, and plan on being part of the GOP in the future. If the GOP is so stupid to lockout the liberty movement for another 4 years, they should just dissolve the party now.

BTW the GOP always referred to themselves as the big tent party. What the hell happened in Tampa? Sure looked like Romney's own personal tent party to me.

Gold standard: because man can not be trusted to control his greed