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You aren't thinking about

You aren't thinking about this correctly... Gold was at $270 in 2000. So, if the dollar lost 50% of its purchasing power then gold would double to $540. If it lost another 50%, Gold would double to $1080. So, that would represent a loss of 75% of the dollar's purchasing power from its 2000 level.

But gold is probably making-up some ground from the 80s and 90s, so that has to be factored-in. But look at commodities since then...oil was on average $27 per barrel in 2000. it is now at around $90. This is about right... so the dollar in terms of oil has lost about 75% of its value from 2000.

So, it takes about 4X the amount of dollars to purchase oil now than it did in 2000. It also works different commodities differently and other consumer items.