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You don't need government for

You don't need government for either. A private developer can subcontract a road construction crew to build roads throughout the sections of land that he is developing. He can recoup that cost when he goes to sell the land to individual owners and investors who turn the individual parcels into commercial, industrial, and residential structures and communities. The road out in front of my house wasn't put there by the government, it was put there by a home builder who thought that his homes might sell for more if he put in a way for people to get cars to their houses.

As far as police...sorry, but they are entirely unnecessary. Seriously! Entirely unnecessary! People can carry guns and then if they encounter someone breaking into their property, they can shoot them dead. If they aren't there and someone breaks into their property, they ought to have insurance or at least be comfortable with the risk of not having insurance in such a case. Alarm companies often have guards that respond to their clients' alarms. Now, as a business owner, he would then have a choice of which alarm company he wants, whether it be one that does armed response, or if he lives close enough to his business, he might just want the alarm forwarded to his cell phone so he can respond and shoot the bastard.

The free market will always create solutions.