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The whole concept of Black Friday is a fine example of the free market at work. People want to shop that day and stores want to sell a lot of merchandise and will offer all kinds of incentives to get consumers out to shop at their place. No government intervention needed. No subsidies are needed to get the customer to come out, just whatever each store is willing to do to get people to their place instead of the competition. Black Friday is a free market supporter's dream come true. Proof of free markets at work.

Stay home if you like. Personally, I like getting my Christmas shopping and other major purchases done in one night and we save more money than we would at any other time of the year. Best of all, if I'm going to stand outside a store for a few hours, I wear my Ron Paul hoodie and then I've usually got a captive audience to talk about free markets, libertarian ideals, etc. for a few hours.