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Does your state have an

Does your state have an Initiated Constitutional Amendment process? If so, you just need to try and abolish the TSA in your state. Your state legislative body might not have the spine to do it, but if your state allows citizens to amend the state constitution, you can get the TSA kicked out if enough people will vote yes if you get the measure on the ballot. To find out what to do, go to this link and see if your state is on the list and scroll down to find some more information about your state's requirements. Here in NV, we have to get petition signatures from 10% of the people in each district in the state and then it goes on the ballot. Then it has to win two ballots in a row, so 2014 and 2016. NV is the only one where it has to win twice.

It's a lot more difficult than just putting a petition up on, but if successful, expect other initiatives in other states to pop up.

If your state doesn't have a way for citizens to amend the state constitution, then there's still hope:

Massachusetts and Mississippi use the indirect method where once enough signatures are collected, the state legislature gets to decide what to do with it. Not great but at least it forces their hand.

More information about initiatives and referendums. These are the next best option when a state constitution can't be amended by the people because at least you can try to get an abolishment of the TSA codified into state statutes. It's just more easier to repeal that way.

Here in NV, a state constitutional amendment has to have majority vote of both state houses, then it has to be passed by a majority of the next legislative houses to take office, then sent to the people. In Nevada, any statute that is later affirmed by a majority of voters can not be repealed or amended by the state legislature, only by another majority vote.