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"You don't need government

"You don't need government for either."

That isn't the point. The idea is that government put those things there, and you are taking advantage of it. The example of your house nonwithstanding, businesses definitely use many public entities, and those things should not be free.

"People can carry guns and then if they encounter someone breaking into their property, they can shoot them dead."

What if a mob attacks your house?

"If they aren't there and someone breaks into their property, they ought to have insurance or at least be comfortable with the risk of not having insurance in such a case."

What if you get insurance, and then they refuse to pay? There is no government court to go to. What if you take them to a private court, and because of their power they simply outspend you and you lose?

"The free market will always create solutions."

Whenver I hear this, I always these people ever think that maybe government IS the free-market solution to this problem? That the market decided, after years of living in anarchy, that the best way to have prosperity is to force everyone to obey a certain set of laws? The concept of natural rights, property rights, federalism, etc.?

And that maybe, MAYBE, what has happened to this country in the past 100 (or 30, depend on your view), is simply the free market again? It is simply the smartest, best, strongest in the Darwinian sense people figuring out that they can use the tool of "government" to further their own power?

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