Comment: A dramatic difference between you and Dr. Paul...

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A dramatic difference between you and Dr. Paul...

Congratulations on your energy and persistence, but there is a simple truth it would do you well to realize... it is hoped that you take it with grace for it is well meant.

Your most commonly used word, in nearly every sentence of your writing here and elsewhere, is that one letter word... 'I'!

It is rare for Congressman Ron Paul to utter that word. His life has been one of sacrifice for everyone but himself. His life and career have been wholly a giving up of his physical and mental resources for others, for us all, for our children, for our once free nation, for our future. In giving up so much for life, liberty, and property freely enjoyed and owned, for the rule of law, for all that is sound and just, there was little room for 'I'.

He did not want to be president.

He ran because we needed him to run, and because we asked.

Keep up the good work. It will be much harder and far more intense in the real battle of liberty, than in winning prizes. There is no room for 'I' in that battle which looms before the patriot.

Friends are perishing cruelly around the world of empire, each day. That is how critical this fight is becoming. It is not a fight which will be won by weekend warriors but by selfless 'Ron Pauls' and the fires they light in the hearts and minds of an awakening grassroots.