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That is heart-breaking to hear

I know how therapeutic it can be to exchange thoughts and ideas with the folks on this site and the real life DP-ers that I have met. My friends and family merely think I am too much of a preacher, and I only get the occasional eye-roll when I ask if any of them think, for example, that Superstorm Sandy was partially or wholly engineered. I can't imagine how tough it must be to be right at the cost of losing your family. Most people would just say to "put politics aside," keep your thoughts to yourself and try to be more acceptable to them. I would never begrudge a person that approach, but I completely understand how difficult - if not impossible - it would be to stifle the truth for the sake of fitting in.

It really is a very sad thing to hear. That said, your story makes me want to smile, too. If you were not a strong person, if you didn't have such conviction, if you didn't care about truth, you probably never would have kicked the poison they gave you. I hope everyone else is as inspired as I am by people like you who persevere despite losing so much for the crime of knowing. It is refreshing to see that kind of strength in a human... rare thing these days.

Thanks to you, and a wonderful Thanksgiving to you and your husband from one member of your "extended" family!

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