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I respect your opinion and I see what you're saying but I still disagree. While you're right that Bernanke walking away doesn't mean he's "guilty as charged" but I think the usefulness is in seeing how consistent the reactions are to questions about Bilderberg. Clearly there is something that is being hidden from the people. And shouldn't THAT be the media's job - to bring stuff like that out?

Some of the people he interviews acknowledge that Bilderberg exists but the media either lacks or denies knowledge of its existence (I think Lawrence O'Donnell is one) or won't say a word about it (Jill Abramson, Charlie Rose). Does it make ANY SENSE WHATSOEVER that at least some members of the media know about meetings between the world's elites but yet DON'T report on it?!

And the heavy hitters in the world of finance/economics like Bernanke SHOULD NOT be allowed to just have these highly controlled meetings w/ congress. These men SHOULD BE accountable enough to the people to at least take their questions. The MSM is such an obvious sham (in the sense that it is highly unquestioning) that we need people out there like Luke to push the envelope.