Comment: No bill number?

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No bill number?

What legislation is this part of, exactly?

We certainly can't afford to be complacent from
the looks of some of the proposed legislation
out there - here's a listing on the Gun Owners of America site:

For instance:

"H.R. 1781

(McCarthy and 35 others):

This bill would:

withhold federal crime-fighting funds from states which fail to provide a sufficient number of names to the FBI’s Instant Check system (with penalties possible for states that fall as little as 10% short of providing all names) [sec. 101];
require federal agencies to turn over the names of all prohibited persons (which would presumably include the names of all persons admitting to having smoked as little as one marijuana cigarette) [sec. 102];
redefine “adjudicated as a mental defective” (18 U.S.C. 922(g)(4)) to impose a gun ban in any case in which a “lawful authority” (including, presumably, a school or a Medicare-funded doctor) prescribes counseling or medication in response to “subnormal intelligence, mental illness, or incompetency” [sec. 103];
require colleges to set up a procedure for investigating students who are acting strange and “reporting” them [sec. 103];
ban all private person-to-person sales of firearms, requiring that all sales go through federal firearms licensees or the police, who would conduct a background check [Title II]."