Comment: Ludicrous double standard

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Ludicrous double standard

Critics of Human Rights Watch constantly bring up the acts of terror which Israeli citizens suffer from, ignoring the fact that it's not Human Rights Watch's charter to investigate and condemn terrorism.

By definition, terrorism is evil and wrong. There's nothing to investigate, no report to write. Those rocket attacks are criminal.

Criticism of Human Rights Watch makes as much sense as trying to criticize the Electronic Frontier Foundation for "failing" to report on the impact of hacking on victims rather than focusing "only" on the liberties of non-criminal computer and telecommunications customers. It's a ridiculous idea.

Human Rights Watch and EFF and many other human rights and civil liberties groups take the side against actions of the state which are anti-liberty because that is their charter.

I don't expect the EFF or Human Rights Watch to waste their resources writing reports which would condemn criminal activity by non-states.

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