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Wealth is a very subjective term, and is context dependent. In economic terms would most probably refer to the accumulation of resources and commodities of defined, tangible value. The term could as well be applied to the state of self-sufficiency, both individually and collectively. The accumulation of assets in the form fiat bank notes, subject to manipulation, inflation and de-valuation, need not apply.

A nation generates 'wealth' through the process of industralisation, production and growth, which reflects high employment, economic stability and disposable income; this equates to high consumer demand, comsumer confidence, investment and increased GNP.
Natural resources also play a role, but because they are not infinite, they are not sustainable.

Systematically take away production, and you are soon left with re-distribution of preveiling domestic wealth, speculation, currency manipulation, and inflation. At some point, 'selling off the farm' ensues, usually in the form of privatisation.

Oh, and savings are a by-product of a healthy, stable economy. There is absolutely no reason why savings and financing cannot co-exist in a well planned economic strategy. It is where the economy begins to falter that the scales begin to tip.

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