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Comment: If Americans give up ANY of their guns without the entire

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If Americans give up ANY of their guns without the entire

Government giving up ALL of their weapons...they are being led to slaughter. Maybe not in our generation (although the pace of tyranny is accelerating at a break neck pace) but if you hand in your gun(s), remember, you might as well put the gun to the head of your child and pull the trigger before handing it in. Why subject your children to torture and forced slave labor prior to the genocide (they will be a part of) that ALWAYS follows a tyranical government who has taken away the last line of defense for citizens against uncontrolled State Power? If you don't care enough to protect your children are in essence saying "I don't have the stones to stick up for myself or family, so after I'm dead, I'll let my son or daughter take a bullet to the head from one of those people I was too scared to stand up too when I was alive. Don't be evil. Don't comply with UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS. Have a physical copy of the constitution in one hand and a loaded weapon in the other when they come for your guns. Say "No thank you, I'm keeping my guns". Please leave and don't return. You are on the wrong side of history and are working as enforcers for the globalists under the illusion of protecting American citizens. If you want to protect American citizens, please return to your commanding officers and take their guns. Use the guns you have taken from your commanding officers and pass them out for free to any and all Adult Americans who can show you they know how to load it and shoot it. You will welcomed as heros in EVERYTOWN USA!

God DAMN IT! Were are the OATHKEEPERS as all this legislation keeps creeping up on us?