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I would agree

except I was once an impressionable 18yo and I bought into a lot of things to. Government agents taught me that it was ok to go to foreign countries and kill people, hell, they would think better of you if you did. They taught me hard skills on how to fight and they brainwashed me into believing that one day, if only i was lucky enough, I too would be able to earn high esteem by "defending" this country and freedom and righteousness etc. etc.

Of course, they don't send you to jail for going to Parris Island. But in the end, it takes a lot of critical thinking, but it isn't really much different. If they told me to blow up a building, bridge - whatever back then - your damn right I would have.

Fortunately I never "got" to go overseas -something that bothered me greatly in the past - not so now. Why? Fortunately I found Ron Paul, this website and whole lot of people on here that think differently and I woke up. Too bad these kids weren't so lucky.