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Mormons are a mixed blessing.

Some of the best liberty warriors in Idaho are Mormons, and some of the biggest NWO tools in our state government are Mormon. In general, they are very good neighbors. If you want to have a little fun, invite their missionaries in when they come calling, and hear them out. It will be hard not to laugh or cry at some of what they say, but it will give you "working knowledge" on how to live with them. They do some really good work - Mormons are "preppers" by religious decree, and they have big canneries that anyone can come work in and share the harvest.

I love Idaho, too. That area is indeed a bastion of liberty lovers, BUT- the winter is BRUTAL. It is also virtually cut off from the rest of the state so if you ever have to go to the capitol- Boise - it is an 8 hour drive.

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