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Reduced to? No - the truth has always been here.

Where to start.

1. Silly questions beneath him - well to that I say - "Great men show their greatness by how they treat others"(even those beneath them) - so Ben is not so great by that standard
2. "Think about it this way: tomorrow you are the chairman of the federal reserve, what do you do?" - I thought the "just doing our job" myth was busted years ago in Germany. A moral, great man, would never TAKE the job since the job is immoral to begin with. Proving your greatness by doing an immoral act better than someone else is not greatness at all.
3. "why can't we separate critizing the feds existence from criticisng the current fed policy? why can't both those things be separated from personal attacks on the chairman?" - this is one of the root cancers in our society - denial - Ben is responsible for his actions - period. He IS the fed and as such deserves personal criticism for his actions - sorry - but you are who you are - you don't get to put on a costume when you go to work and claim - "that's not me" - BS - the person and the job are the same. It's no different than a stripper getting insulted when you call her a stripper - we are a country in denial.