Comment: I've had a thought that might

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I've had a thought that might

I've had a thought that might sound out there but certainly not to this crew. First off, I'm from the sunny south & my mother was big into Civil War history. She was the typical southerner who loved to "fight the war" philosophically (from a southerners perspective) even though it's been 100 years later. Well, I was thinking that if southerners still fuss about it 100 years afterwards, could not Great Britain be pretty sour about losing the Revolutionary War? I'm sure they were. We also had the War of 1812 against the British. And it was only 101 years later that the Federal Reserve was started. I haven't read "Creature from Jekyll Island" yet and not sure how much British influence was in that room but could it be possible that at the time, Britain knew they couldn't win with their military but opted to do it financially? I know it has evolved into something much bigger but it's just a thought. I think we're the rag tags that try to think of other possibilities just for fun. Really enjoyed your article!