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waste four MORE years of your life, depending on an agent of the state to eliminate the state.

If we just "shut up" and throw enough of RON Paul's principles away, Rand Paul can be the errand boy for the globalist agenda. And the RINO GOP. And our Neo-Conservative two party agenda. That is the ONLY agenda on the national level.

STOP talking about issues independent of what Rand Paul's handlers like Jack Hunter and Doug Wead think is relevant! All other concerns are to be silenced and discarded! Do you want Rand Paul to win FOUR YEARS FROM NOW!!! or don't you! And if you cannot do this, YOU are traitorous scum that defile Ron Paul's legacy, the very same legacy that RAND PAUL and his handlers run away from and are actively trying to not only destroy, but erase from the pages of time...

Yes, Rand Paul 2016! Tell me what to say, when to say it, how to say it and, WHO to say it too. Because THAT is the "New Liberty" in the Brand Paul movement! Where do I sign up, to be on another watch list.