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you sound like youre the one who should be running!!
with all your past wins and all.

Good thing both Drs Paul never win at anything and need some good advice.

I say it over and over, most of Pauls (either one) own supporters do not realize the brain power in both of these men.
No one knows half of what Ron went up against in our SE Texas district...and rand grew up watching and learning. Rand is not as experienced as Ron, but he is STRONGER.
Dont get me wrong, Ron is the greatest politician/statesman of our time and his son is just like him- the exception?
Rand will climb into the swamp with them and drag them out by their ears.
Ron would never get in the swamp but Rand doesnt care.
I guess rand feels he must do this in light of our current situation.
Rand plays for keeps and wont back down and will BITE THEM back.

We finally get an awesome street fighter for life and liberty but some clowns think they know better then the actual winners do!!

rand and ron have telepathy.
one has the others thoughts but they work for the same outcomes differently.
Rand will wipe the floor with the criminals.
Rand will BRING IT and all ready IS!

"OH NO! He has a SON?" Neoconservatives and Liberals EVERYWHERE!

Rand Paul 2016