Comment: No, I just know when I am being sold out...

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No, I just know when I am being sold out...

and am not in denial about it.

Those who refuse to learn the lessons of history are DOOMED to REPEAT it!

You are selling out your birthright for the hollow promise of having privileges granted to you, subject to your behavior. And what you are doing already has condemned you to less, and less of those privileges.

Yet you expect that your view can be realized when in order to be in a position to achieve it, you have to disown it, and insert it by stealth. That is beyond lunacy.

I am a realist. Look it up if you have to. YOU are an advocate and enforcer of "Stockholm Syndrome." You've lived so long as a slave, that you have forgotten how to be free, and forsaken your birthright... for the empty promises of granting you temporary privileges instead of your natural RIGHTS!